About us

Loredana C. Rijsenbilt and Irene Haneveld, both inspired by the philosophy of “Ubuntu” and both having a passion for travelling and the desire to start an adventure together. As a result a special online tour operator / travel agency.

Loredana has been on holiday in many countries and has also lived in many countries. Irene has already 10 years of experience in organizing trips to Kenya and Tanzania, has lived in Kenya for three years and regularly visited Tanzania.

Irene in 1994 came in Kenya for the first time. She felt totally in love with this beautiful country. In 1996 lived for a year in Kenya and worked as a tour guide. In 2002 she started her travel agency under the name “Savannah Travel”.   From 2007-2008 she went back to Kenya beginning and run the travel agency until 2011 and unfortunately had to quit for personal reasons. So today the ability to start a travel agency with a friend was very welcome to her.

We both have our talents we invest to run ‘Il Ubuntu Travel”.  Il represents the first letter of our names. Ubuntu represents what we stand for. Read more about Il Ubuntu Travel on ‘about Il Ubuntu Travel’ page.


From Wikipedia:

There are many translations of ‘ubuntu’ possible, including:ubuntu

‘Be one’
‘Humanity towards others’
‘I am because we are’
‘Human by others’
(by Archbishop Desmond Tutu)

Loredana C. Rijsenbilt  Managing Director/Owner of Il Ubuntu Travel.
Irene Haneveld  Travel agent/consultant at Il Ubuntu Travel. Traveling is my passion in the jungle I feel at home. To make my passion my job means going to work every day with a lot of pleasure!