Il Ubuntu Family trip

Our Il Ubuntu trips are our special tours. During these trips, the activities are focused on the family. It is a journey with a special mission which last at least 13 days. There is no trip without a safari that should be simply standard for a holiday in Kenya.

Day 1: Arrive in the morning or evening, depending on the flight you have booked. Transfer to the guest house on Ngong Road. Lunch and dinner at the guesthouse and / or overnight.

MassaiDay 2: Today you are heading to the world famous Masai Mara. Lunch en route in Narok in a local restaurant. After lunch we continue towards the Masai Mara the most famous park in Kenya. During the drive to the camp you will have the opportunity to see already wild animals. The cook prepares dinner while you are setting in at your tent or you can walk around on the campsite (Remember to never leave the campsite !). Tired from the long drive to the Mara and having the first impressions, it is time to rest for the night. If desired, the adults can join the Masai Warriors next to the campfire.

Day 3: You are going to prepare  breakfast together with the cook, after finishing breakfast you will be visiting a real ‘Manyata’. In a ‘Manyata’ live the Masai who is nomadic tribe living  in a typical Maasai hut made of mud and cow dung. The Masai live with their cattle in the Manyata. We will walk with the warriors to the Manyata and here you will be doing a workshop on the culture of the Masai. Tonight we will gain a unique experience regarding the accommodation.

Day 4: Another full day in the Masai Mara with gamedrives and in between a walk up the Musiara Hills to have a stunning view over the savannah pleins. Diner and overnight at the campsite.

Day 5: You leave the Masai Mara and return to Nairobi where you spend the night in a guesthouse. In the evening time you relax  after some days full of impressions. The cook prepares a meal for you in the kitchen and you enjoy your dinner together.

Day 6: Early breakfast and  then we are heading to the most famous and notorious slum of Nairobi: “The Kibera slums”. Here you are seeing the other side of Kenya. With packages to donate to DSnairobithe people you will be guided for a walk and see under which conditions people have to live in this slum. After this we are visiting the baby elephant orphanage of Daphne Sheldrick.
In Kenya many elephants are slaughtered because of their tusks. Often baby elephants are found left behind by poachers. In the elephant orphanage in Karen these babies are taken care of by Daphne Sheldrick and her caring team. Today we are going to visit these  baby elephants. This orphanage has fixed timetable. Learn how these often traumatised elephants are suckled and raised until they can return to the wild. If there is enough time, you will visit an children orphanage. Dinner and overnight at the guesthouse.

Day 7: After a good breakfast you will travel to Mount Kenya. Lunch in the open air, followed by some activities. Dinner and overnight at a budget accommodation in Mount Kenya.

Day 8: Today you are heading towards Lake Baringo to visit a hot spring source (so hot that you can fry an egg)! Continue the journey we do a boat trip on the lake where hippos and crocodiles live. Of course accompanied by experienced guides.

Day 9: Like the “Masai” live “Samburu” in huts made of mud and cow dung. The Samburu own many attles, they  leave the Manyata every day to graze their cattle. The next few days you are spending intensively  with the Samburu’s . The children will learn from  the Samburu children and vice versa, visit the school, go gather wood, learn to take care of the livestock and fetch water. You stay three days with the Samburu and end the stay with a visit to Samburu National Park.samburukids

Day 10: Today you prepare breakfast with the  Samburu and make a trip on a camel guided by experienced guides. Dinner and overnight at the Samburu’s

Day 11: A last interesting day with this colourful tribe. These days are days of less comfort , back to basic, but that makes them so impressive. With this trip, we sponsor a foundation ‘Seed Samburu’. You will hear more about this during the visit to the Samburu. You will be asked to take disposable cameras to distribute for the Samburu so they can photograph as well.

SONY DSCDay 12: After breakfast we will visit the park to see the Grevy zebras, elephants, roth shield giraffes and other wildlife there. Tonight we will sleep in a more comfortable accommodation to get some better sleep so we can return the journey back to Nairobi with another night in….. to break the long drive from Samburu…

Day 13: Return to Nairobi and lunch on the way and check in into your accommodation before getting picked up for  dinner at ‘Carnivore restaurant’.



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