Wilderness & Wellness Holidays

klein-fumba_beach_lodge_34Our Wilderness and Wellness Holidays are our specialty! It’s a great trip to do… first an adventurous safari, preferably a rough camping safari, back to your roots, sleeping under the African starry sky. In a tent you feel so connected with the African nature. Showering in a wooden cabin, washing your hair as long as there is water …. getting out at night .. behind the tent, flashlight … Back to basics … not only to know the animals but also the locals , visiting projects, gain inspiration. Food cooked on a camping fire and holding your plate on your lap, listening to the stories of the Masai around the crackling campfire …. and then sleep with only the sound of the bush noises. Fortunately the camps are well guarded.

And then … rinse it all of  in a spa resort, the dust and red earth from the African bush. Relax in a wonderful resort where you are pampered with professional massages to flow off the fatigue from your body. Enjoy healthy smoothies made from fresh fruit, relax in the jacuzzi, enjoy everything a woman loves, to return home reborn again. With a well-filled goody bag with local wellness products and a suitcase full of memories.

Our special ‘Women’s Wilderness & Wellness tours can be also tailored made according to the group size, requested activities, duration and destination. This is a great idea for friends, sports club members, and as team building for companies.

Interested? Send us an email with your requirements and we create a wilderness and wellness program!